Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Iain Campbell F-W & Fritz Welch:


“Where would I go if I could go nightclubbing?

Through ice machine feeling every five minutes like the bomb

Well that’s happening

How you fixed?”

Iain Campbell F-W & Fritz Welch© invite you to research, apply for, plan, create, refuse, embrace, despise and celebrate your very own un-happening creation transaction. Bring your ideas, plans, wits and tools along to WERKDOCK where together we will plan and participate in the collaborative making of this temporary education, dematerialisation and dancing space! All culminating in our MAIN EVENT on Saturday night, hosted by Cardiff-based painter and performance artist Andre Stitt. YES.

WERKDOCK will take place at Chapter, Cardiff - Oct 13-16 all the time.

Part of Experimentica 1.1 at Chapter

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